As a key player in the oil and gas industry, we believe we are responsible for contributing to the protection and promotion of the environment and resources we work with, and our products are designed, delivered and implemented in a manner demonstrative of this core corporate mandate.

In the field, we partner with our customers to strive for a consistently excellent environmental performance, committing to minimize waste and promoting the conservation of natural resources wherever possible, providing an added level of environmental consciousness for our customers. As an example, products such as the SideWinder make it possible for our customers to service a well without interrupting production, and thus eliminating the potential for an environmentally dangerous spill or well site contamination to occur. Additionally, tools such as our TorqDrive have been designed to consume significantly less power than competing products, utilizing 7.4 Kw less in power, resulting in energy cost savings of over $6,000 annually, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 50 tons per year.