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  • Turning the Lights On in Nepal The non-profit Himalaya Currents, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), New Energy Corporation, Advantage Products Inc, and US Synthetic develop a clean energy system capable of providing continuous, clean, renewable energy to the villagers. - Read more at:
  • Don't Be Fooled.

    The one true premium torque anchor:
    Advantage Products’ TorqStopperTM combines innovation, performance and superior design in the top-selling torque anchor tool in North America. Its proprietary design relieves torque applied to a PC pump’s tubing string, significantly reducing the costly risk of the pump becoming unscrewed and falling down the well.

    Accept no imitations. While others make claims,
    Advantage Products delivers results.

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  • Prolong the life of your rod and tubing with the 
    Spin Through Rod Coupling.

    The latest innovation in the Advantage Products’ line,
    the Spin Through Rod Coupling (STRC) is designed to revolutionize the lifespan
    of the rod string and tubing string. Its engineered design prevents any metal
    parts from coming into contact with the inside of the tubing, which can cause
    disastrous and expensive tubing damage.

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