What is the importance of co-working spaces?

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What is the importance of co-working spaces?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a huge boom in the freelance industry as more people are searching for work online.

Out of the 3.5 million people that make up the global workforce, 1.1 billion are freelancers and the numbers are growing. This has led to a huge increase in the number of available co-working spaces that cater to freelancers and businesses.

The increase of co-working spaces in Malta

It is no surprise that more people are opting out of the 9-5, and choosing to work from shared or co-working offices. In Malta, there has been a huge boom in the number of available co-working spaces as more freelancers are traveling to Malta because of its pristine beaches, tourist attractions and great food.

Soho offices in Malta are an example of businesses that now offer co-working options in Malta at affordable prices. They are the largest provider of co-working spaces, and they cater to all job types and needs.

Advantages of co-working spaces

There are many advantages to working in a shared office space. Some of them are:

Flexibility and reduced costs

Co-working spaces are a cheaper option than traditional office spaces, especially for freelancers and companies just starting their business. They also offer a wide range of options that are unavailable in traditional offices.

In co-working spaces, you have the power to choose:

  • the type of environment you want to work in;
  • the time you get to or leave work;
  • the facilities that will help you work smoothly.

Co-working spaces are the best solutions if you are looking for flexibility on a tight budget.

Networking opportunities

In co-working spaces, you get the opportunity to meet diverse groups of people with different professions and skill sets.

Unlike the typical office, most of the people you will meet in a shared space are not related to your company. You will be able to meet new people that you can collaborate with in the future, or can help your career grow.

Increased productivity

Working in a shared space with other professionals will increase your productivity as you will be inspired by their work ethic and commitment to their tasks.

They also offer a structured setting to freelancers that need a certain degree of order to perform their tasks.

Increased creativity and work output

It’s been scientifically proven that working in an environment filled with other people increases your creativity and your work output.

Also, you will have access to many people that can provide a unique perspective about any work problem or challenges you may face.

Improved work-life balance

Co-working spaces help people separate their work life from their home life.

A huge disadvantage of freelancing work and working from home is its effect on people’s work-life balance. A study carried out among people working from home showed that people are working longer than they used to in traditional office spaces. As more coworking spaces open, people will have the opportunity to prevent their work life from interrupting their personal life.

Co-working spaces are the future of the labor industry. Research carried out among workers showed that 92% of the respondents expected to work from home after the coronavirus pandemic subsidies. As the freelance industry and work from home opportunities increase, so will the demand for available co-working spaces.