• TorqStopperTM

    Advantage Products' flagship tool, the TorqStopper combines innovation, performance and superior design in the top-selling torque anchor tool in North America. Its proprietary design relieves torque applied to a PC pump's tubing string, significantly reducing the costly risk of the pump becoming unscrewed and falling down the well. Approaching 40,000 units in operation worldwide, this simple tool has saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, operational and repair costs. Easy to use, and even easier to reap its rewards, the TorqStopper has offered our customers not only a solution to one of the most common problems plaguing PC pump operations, but also a competitive edge.

  • TorqDriveTM

    Rounding out our suite of specialized PC Pump tools and accessories is the crown jewel of top drive motors, the TorqDrive. Addressing virtually every challenge affiliated today with conventional top drive motors, the TorqDrive is lighter, safer, quieter, more energy and design efficient and ultimately more powerful than any other top drive motor on the market. It is the industry’s first variable-speed permanent magnet motor, designed without the hassle, safety and efficiency concerns of hydraulic pumps, motors, gearboxes and belt drives. Powering some of the most challenging wells in the industry, the TorqDrive excels in efficiency and performance, while meeting industry demand for a truly refined, innovative machine.

  • Spin Through
    Rod Coupling

    The latest innovation in the Advantage Products’ line, the Spin Through Rod Coupling (STRC) is designed to revolutionize the lifespan of the rod string and tubing string. Its engineered design prevents any metal parts from coming into contact with the inside of the tubing, which can causedisastrous and expensive tubing damage.

    Currently available for both 7/8” and 1” rod string sizes. These couplings are not like competing designs that use a degradable product bonded to the rod or rod- coupler, but are fully engineered components with replaceable sleeves that can be installed at the well site.

  • SideWinderTM

    Certainly one of the most costly events in operating a well is a loss of production due to downtime and the service cost to repair the problem. The ability to run a coiled tubing down the casing annulus at any time without any disassembly, rig service calls, and no disruption in production is Advantage Product’s solution to this plaguing industry challenge with our SideWinder. Created with efficiency and performance in mind, the SideWinder has made it possible to access coil tubing and casing for de-watering and sand cleanout without halting production and calling in an expensive service rig. With up to three side entry ports possible, the SideWinder’s capabilities to support servicing, data acquisition and well monitoring have resulted in our customers experiencing some of the highest returns on investment of any tool on the market.

  • PCPStabilizerTM

    Used in conjunction with our TorqStopper, the PCP (Progressive Cavity Pump) Stabilizer works to minimize harsh motion from the pump by preventing it from moving, reducing the dynamic vibration of the tubing string, and drastically reducing the potential for excessive tubing wear and failure and eliminating costly work over’s. Using hydraulic pressure generated by the pump, this innovative tool attaches to the top of the pump and works to effectively push the pump to one side of the well casing and hold it firmly in place. The only true stabilizer tool on the market specially designed for PC pumps, the PCP Stablizer has proven itself as a powerful cost-saving, proactive tool, witnessing strong field results, while enhancing our customers’ operations.

  • On/OffToolTM

    What do you do when faced with the challenge of connecting a rod string to an oversized PC pump rotor, too big to pass through the production tubing? This all too common scenario demands the use of the On/Off Tool, a proprietary remote latching tool which connects oversized pump rotors to rod strings through its innovative latching design. Most importantly, the On/Off Tool allows you to easily remove and replace a rod string without impacting operations, and allows for dual well completions, all with a simple push/pull system, establishing it as the most efficient and simplest to use latching device on the market.

  • SeeStone PlugTM

    Coming Soon.

  • Custom Solutions

    Whether faced with amplified torque, tubing wear, challenges in pump stabilization or motorization, we have a tool to reduce pump downtime and enhance operational costs. If it’s not already in the Advantage Products’ line, a custom-made solution can be developed specifically to meet your operational needs.

    Our team of in-house research and development engineers specialize in designing custom solutions tailored to our customers’ oilfield challenges. In fact, many of the products in our line were developed as a result of partnering with our customers to solve a specific operational issue. Whatever the challenge you face, we are confident we can create a custom engineered solution to ensure your PC pump operation remains productive, competitive and profitable.